Sailing experience of a lifetime
More than 2600 trainees trusted us with their first sailing experience. Here is what they say:
  • "You step into a different world and become a part of it. From your very first second onboard you turn from a casual observer into an active participant and just do everything an experienced sailor does. This world absorbs and transforms you completely"
    Dina Bova
    Iceland 2021
  • "The night watch, the Southern Cross overhead, the roars of the glaciers crumbling in the dark and the whales puffing their fountains around you... These are the things you probably won't get to experience anywhere else"
    Maxim Savostyanov
    Antarctica 2022
  • "The voyage to Antarctica is one of the highlights of my life to date"
    Friedrich Baratz
    Antarctica 2020
  • "You can't imagine those butterflies in your stomach when you steer the ship between two other vessels – even if you know that the captain can see everything and will correct any mistake you make if necessary"
    Marina Tsimbler
    Iceland 2021
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